Sunday, April 20, 2008

Photography by Alan Coker

The group consists of Victor, Grigota and Erik Monasterio (the well-known local climber), who are all originally from Bolivia and are of mixed NZ/ Bolivian parents.

“Orko” is a multimedia, live performance, combining original music played on traditional Andean instruments, with original photography, and the recounting of mountaineering and exploratory adventures in various regions of the world.

The photography focusses mainly on Bolivia, but also includes other parts of Latin America, Tibet, India, Alaska, Australia USA and NZ. The narrative relates to our own Bolivian culture and our exploits as adventurers and mountaineers, with some "first ascent routes" on rock and ice peaks in some of the highest mountains in the Americas and the world, as well as jungle explorations.

Photography by Erik Monasterio

We aim to present a highly polished multidisciplinary arts performance that brings awareness and understanding of other cultures. We also hope to motivate individuals to participate in physical activity, music and the visual arts. The performance highlights family values and is unique and deeply inspirational.

Photography by Alan Coker

Bolivian brothers Grigota, Victor and Erik Monasterio have performed throughout South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

They have created “Iscaio-Orko”, an awe inspiring and entirely original audiovisual exhibition of photography, music and narrative.

Orko explores the relationship between traditional and original Andean music, photography, the landscape of high mountain regions in the Andes and Himalayas, and the extreme adventures of climbing and exploration.

Original and traditional music accompany a backdrop of dramatic photography and mythic tales of isolated regions of the world.

As part-time performers we have recorded three music CDs and played to sell-out audiences in Australia, in parts of South America and throughout the South Island of NZ.

Iskaio-Orko Performance

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Zaragita said...

Excelente musica! Fotografias fenomenales! Ojala pudiera armar un performance en el proximo Congreso de la APAL!